Fun & Engaging
Daytime Care for

Make life easier for you and your loved one
with help during the day

Reduce Loneliness & Depression

Increase Strength & Balance

1/2 the Cost of Home Care

Feel good about how your loved one is spending their days

Our thriving daytime senior care and activities program is a fun, engaging and safe alternative to home care and assisted living.

Chelsea Place Senior Center offers:

Safe, Supervised Care

Engaging All-Day Activities

Live Music Everyday

Delicious Catered Meals

Caregiving can be overwhelming,
we make it easy.

As a caregiver, sometimes you just need a break. Maybe you need to run errands, visit with friends, or take some time for yourself. If you want your loved one to be safe and engaged during the day, our daytime senior care program is the perfect solution for you.

Your loved one will receive:

Senior Day Care - Live Music & Dancing
Live Music & Dancing
Senior Day Care - Medication Reminders
Medication Reminders
Senior Day Care - Interactive Games & Exercise
Interactive Games & Exercise
Senior Day Care - Transportation for Appointments
Senior Day Care - Hair, Nail & Spa Services
Hair, Nail & Spa Services
Senior Day Care - Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks
Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks

Top 4 Reasons You Need Daytime
Senior Care & Activities


• Social isolation, can have as large effect on mortality risk as smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and high blood pressure (Cacioppo et al. 2011).

• 29% increased risk of mortality over time from social isolation and 26%increase in mortality risk from loneliness.(Holt-Lunstad and colleagues 2015)


• 70% reduction in cognitive decline by those who are frequently socially active (James, Wilson, Barnes & Bennet, 2011)

• 40% reduced risk of developing dementia if socially engaged (Wang, Karp, Winblad & Fratiglioni, 2002)


• 60% increase in mortality rate in caregivers experiencing significant emotional stress from caregiving (Fredman L et al., 2010).


• 50% more food intake when people eat among company in a social setting versus those who are isolated (Washington DC, National Academy Press, 2005)

• 83% of those over the age of 65 are at risk for malnutrition (Hamirudin AH, et al, 2016)

Here's how to get started

Get A Free Guest Pass

Call us to schedule a day to come in with your loved one. Have lunch, get a tour, and see what senior day care is all about.

Choose A Membership
After you’ve toured or been our guest, we’ll figure out the perfect schedule to meet you and your loved ones care needs.
Relax and Enjoy

When you know your loved one is in a fun and safe place, you both will be at ease knowing everything is taken care of.

Free Senior Activity Guide - Port Charlotte, FL

Need some help at home?

Help your loved one stay home safely.

Need a little break?

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