7 Benefits of an Assisted Living Facility

When a parent becomes elderly and you worry about their safety in their home, or you can’t care for them yourself, one thing you might consider is having them live in an assisted living facility. Below are seven benefits of assisted living for seniors.

Assisted Living is Personalized

There aren’t any packages in assisted living that are made for every single person. Each senior who goes into an assisted living home has their own traits, medical needs, and personality. The personal caregivers make sure that the person receives the needed support on a personal level.

Assisted Living Helps With Reducing Hazards

Grab bars for the shower, buttons for medical alert, and ramps are all things that help keep seniors mobilized and alert but they are often costly. These types of additions are already in the assisted living homes and this can make a huge difference in the mobility of your loved one. These extras can also reduce the risk of falling.

Assisted Living Offers Faster Emergency Response

Even though people are really careful, accidents can happen. An assisted living facility has hired professionals working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so there’s always going to be someone there to alert the medical professionals if a loved one falls. When it comes to non-emergency medical help, transportation for the doctor appointments can also be provided at these facilities.

Assisted Living Provides Seniors with Personal Space

Although there are professionals that monitor the health of seniors, each person who lives in the facility will have their own apartment or room. Whether or not they need medical care each day they’ll still have autonomy, privacy and mobility freedom. Even though it can be hard for a senior to leave their family or home, a lot of seniors find they enjoy having a space of their own.

Assisted Living Allows Seniors To Continue Enjoying Life

If a senior is still able to perform different chores and tasks without harming themselves, the professionals are going to work with the person so their efforts are supported. This is going to be important for the patient’s well-being. Some examples could be nutrition classes, book clubs, art workshops and other things to keep people active and engaged.

An Assisted Living Facility Values Socializing

There are perks to getting older, but one downfall is losing your spouse or friends. An assisted living facility can help with that. The facilities have common areas where they can interact with other seniors. Socializing can help them feel less isolated and withdrawn, which encourages positive thinking. Positive thinking also offers a lot of emotional and physical benefits. A facility might offer dances, cultural event access, and field trips which can encourage the residents to feel less lonely and meet peers.

An Assisted Living Facility Encourages Activity

A lot of facilities provide activities and events which encourage exercise and physical mobility. Staying active and movement won’t just help a senior feel younger. It can also help them live longer by helping them with fighting off certain chronic diseases. If a senior enjoys yoga, walking, or aerobics a lot of communities have physical recreation resources so that they stay healthy.

Making the decision to put a parent in an assisted living facility can be difficult. It may be the best choice for both you and your parent. They will have their own space, there are plenty of activities to keep them busy, and they have a chance to stay active. Not only that, but the medical care is much more responsive. It can give a loved one a better quality of life than living alone and help you both feel more at ease.


  • I liked what you said about assisted living values socializing. My grandma has been discussing some form of senior care because it’s becoming more and more apparent that she can’t get around much on her own. I think that socializing will help her to adjust easier to the environment and it will help her to feel less lonely than she has been lately.

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